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A Room Addition or Conventional Sunroom is a Sunroom that is built to match your house. We step away from the Prefabricated Sunrooms (primarily made from aluminum framing and a lot of glass) and we use 2" x 4" wood stud construction. We drywall and finish the inside of the room and match the outside to your existing exterior of your home.

As with any Sunroom there are advantages and disadvantages. Below is a list of common differences between the Room Addition and a Prefabricated All Season Sunroom

Topic Room Addition Prefabricated All Season Sunroom
Cost Comparable to Prefab All Season Sunroom * Comparable to Room Addition *
Exterior Look Match Existing House ** Prefabricated Sunroom Addition **
Amount of Glass Less Glass Due to Wood Frame Const. *** More Glass Due to Aluminum Frame Const. ***
Materials Used Wood Frame, Vinyl Siding, Drywall, Windows Aluminum Frame & Glass
Completion Time Typically One to Three Months **** Typically One to Three Weeks ****

* The cost for a Room Addition vs. a Prefabricated All Season Sunroom is very close. The materials for a Prefabricated Sunroom are higher than the Room Addition but the labor cost for the Prefabricated Sunroom is lower than the Room Addition.

** We will match the existing exterior of your home if at all possible. Vinyl Siding, Wood Siding, Masonite, Brick, and Stone are all very common.

*** Due to the wood construction used in a Room Addition we are not able to install as much glass as a Prefabricated Sunroom. Prefab Sunrooms use and aluminum frame work that is as strong as wood but can be much smaller. Therefore we are able to use more glass in a Prefab Sunroom.

**** The lead time for completion of a Prefab Sunroom is typically One to Three Weeks. The lead time for completion of a Room Addition is typically One to Three Months. Most of the construction for a Prefab Sunroom is done at the factory and is finished on the inside and outside. All we have to do is make some minor adjustments and put together a "giant puzzle". A Room Addition on the other hand is completely built on site using a variety of materials. We also have to call in specialty contractors to finish the inside and outside.


Roof Options

Shed / Studio Shingled Roof

Cathedral Roof
Under Existing Roof



Other Available Options

Drywall Inside Ceiling

Outside Wall Options - Vinyl Siding, Wood Siding, Masointe, Stucco, Brick, etc.

Electric Outlets

Lights And Fans

Heat and Air Unit

Transom Glass Top & Bottom

Gable Glass (Cathedral Roof Only)

Floor Covering - Carpet, Tile, Linoleum, Hardwood, Etc.


Variable Kneewall

Insulation Under Deck

Soffit Under Deck

Skirting Around Deck

Concrete Slab / Foundation





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