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At Sun-Belt Products, Inc. we strive to provide our customers with the most comprehensive list of products and options available. A list of the differences that distinguish the different Sunrooms can be found below. The links below will take you to the most common Sunrooms available. Follow the links below to get more information on the options available.



Q: What Is The Difference Between A Three Season Sunroom and A Year Season Sunroom?

A: Basic Answer: A Three Season Sunroom is typically only used during three seasons of the year. A Year Round Sunroom is designed to be used all year.

A: Complicated Answer: A Number of factors determine the intended use of the sunroom:

Q: What Type of Glass is Used in The Sunroom?

Q: How Thick is The Wall Section?

Q: Is the Wall Thermally Broken?

Q: Can a Heat & Air Unit be Installed AND is it Efficient?


Q: What Type of Glass is Used in The Sunroom?

A: The type of glass make the biggest difference in your Sunroom. Since the Sunroom is going to be mostly glass you want a good quality glass in your new room. Single Pane - Clear glass is the least energy efficient glass you can get. Insulating the glass (Using two pieces and a spacer) helps a little but not nearly enough. A Three Season Sunroom typically has Single Pane Clear glass in it's window units. A Year Round Sunroom typically starts with Clear Insulated Glass and progresses from there.

Our four most popular Year Round Sunrooms have the following glass options:

TEMO Sunrooms - 1/2" or 3/4" Insulated with HPG 2000 Solar Protection Glass

TRACO Sunrooms - 3/4" Insulated with Low-E Argon Filled Glass

Admiral Sunrooms - 1/2" Insulated Ti-AC Glass

Dreamspace Sunrooms - 13/16" Insulated Windows - PPG Intercept Warm-Edge Technology


Q: How Thick is The Wall Section?

A: The wall thickness of a Three Season Sunroom is typically 2" - 3". The wall thickness of a Year Round Sunroom is typically 3" - 4". A wall that is 2" is almost always a Three Season Sunroom. At the same time, a wall that is 4" is not always a Year Round Sunroom. Without a Thermal Break a 6" Thick Sunroom is still considered a Three Season Sunroom.


Q: Is the Wall Thermally Broken?

A: A Thermal Break is an acrylic line that breaks the aluminum frame work. The Sunroom wall system is like an aluminum can. Cool the can and then take it outside where it is warm, water will condense on the side. Your Sunroom wall works the same way, Cool the Inside when it is warm Outside and water will condense on the inside of your Sunroom. The Thermal Break stops the heat transfer of the aluminum.

The Thermal Break here is hi lighted by the red lines


Q: Can a Heat & Air Unit be Installed AND is it Efficient?

A: A Heat & Air Unit can be installed in ANY Sunroom. It is NOT Efficient in a Three Season Sunroom. Without the Thermal Break (Mentioned Above) you are wasting a lot energy trying to heat the outdoors. I have installed Heat & Air Units in Three Season Sunrooms, I just don't recommend it.


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