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At Sun-Belt Products, Inc. we strive to provide our customers with the most comprehensive list of products and options available. A list of the differences that distinguish the different Screen Rooms can be found below. The links below will take you to the most common Screen Rooms available. Follow the links below to get more information on the options available.



Q: What is the Difference Between an Aluminum Patio Cover and an Insulated Patio Cover?

A: An Aluminum Patio Cover is a Single Skin Product and the Insulated Patio Cover is composed of two pieces of aluminum Factory Bonded to the PolyStyrene foam core. The cross sections below will help illustrate the difference.

"Flat" Pan or "W" Pan Single Skin Cover
Insulated Cover


Q: Is There A Large Cost Difference Between The Two Types of Patio Covers?

A: The cost difference between the two products is not a drastic as it use to be. On an average the Insulated Patio Cover will cost about 30% - 50% per square foot more than the Aluminum Flat Pan. ** As long as the cover is not spanning more than 10' between beams or supports. If we have to span further than 10' we have to use a thicker metal (typically .040) and a narrower flat pan (typically 8" instead of 12"). When we upgrade to the 8" - .040 Aluminum pan the cost takes a dramatic jump. Only one of our suppliers offer the 8" pan so they can charge more for their product. The cost difference between the 8" Flat Pan and an Insulated Roof is much closer. Depending on the application of the product we can usually provide either cover for the same cost.


Q: How Will I Know Which Cover Is Better For Me?

A: Your decision will depend on the following factors:

Q: How much do you want to spend?

Q: How much sun do you get in the proposed location?

Q: What do you want to do with the cover in the future?


Q: How much do you want to spend?

A: This is the first question because it is also the most obvious. A Flat Pan Aluminum Cover will cost less than an Insulated Cover, and Considerably Less than a Gabled Insulated Cover. If it is only a matter of cost the Flat Pan Aluminum Cover is your best choice. If money is not an option (for most of us it is) then you can base your decision on the next couple of questions.

Q: How much sun do you get in the proposed location?

A: The Flat Pan Aluminum Cover will do a good job of shading your deck or concrete pad. The Insulated Cover on the other hand will do a great job of shading your deck or concrete pad. The Flat Pan cover is a single skin (one piece) of aluminum with no additional insulation so some radiant heat does get thru the metal. The Insulated Cover does not allow any heat to transfer thru.

Q: What do you want to do with the cover in the future?

A: If you intend to put only the cover up a Flat Pan Cover will serve your purposes well. We can easily install a Screen Room under the cover if you want to upgrade a little. If you intend to glass in the area; the Insulated Cover is your best choice. We can upgrade the Flat Pan Aluminum cover to an insulated cover but it is very costly. Starting with an Insulated Cover is a much better decision if you are going to glass the room in. If you do not intend to glass the room in I would not recommend the additional cost of the Insulated Cover.



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