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Lattice Patio Cover - Whether you call it a Lattice Cover, a Pergola, or a Trellis; our Maintenance Free Lattice Cover provides you the shade you want with the look of a natural wood Lattice Cover. We have offered this product for a number of years but until recently it has not been in high demand. Within the last few years we have seen a steady increase in the demand for a Maintenance Free Lattice Patio Cover.

There are two types of Lattice Patio Covers available: Full Lattice and Lattice Wrap. Both of these products are detailed below.


Lattice and Lattice Wrap End Styles



Full Lattice Patio Cover

The Full Lattice Patio Cover provides an ample amount of shad while still allowing you to enjoy the open air and sunshine. The Aluminum Lattice Cover adds tremendous beauty with out the maintenance involved in a wood cover. The aluminum rafters are embossed with a wood pattern to give them the look of real wood. We can install the covers in almost any situation or location.


Lattice Wrap Patio Cover

The Lattice Wrap Patio Cover combines the Aluminum Patio Cover or the Insulated Patio Cover with the look of the Lattice Patio Cover. The embossed aluminum rafters are installed on the sides and across the front of the covers to simulate the look of the Full Lattice Cover. Full details on Aluminum and Insulated Patio Cover can be found on the links above.

For more information regarding the Lattice Patio Covers please Contact Us at the office at (865) 938-ROOM (7666) or E-Mail us at sunbeltsunrooms@yahoo.com.



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