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At Sun-Belt Products, Inc. we strive to provide our customers with the most comprehensive list of products and options available. A list of the differences that distinguish the different Screen Rooms can be found below. The links below will take you to the most common Screen Rooms along with some of the available options.



Q: What Is The Difference Between An Aluminum Screen Room And A Deluxe Screen Room

A: An Aluminum Screen Room uses an aluminum frame (with the screen rolled into the framework) with an Aluminum Flat Pan (Patio Cover) Roof. A Deluxe Screen Room uses either a Prefabricated Sunroom Wall System without the glass or an Insulated Structural Panel (ISP) roof that can easily accommodate Prefabricated Sunroom Walls or Conventional Construction at a later date.

Q: Is There A Large Cost Difference Between The Two Types of Rooms?

A: The cost of a Deluxe Screen Room is typically Two to Three Times higher than an Aluminum Screen Room.

Q: How Will I Know Which Room Is Better For Me?

A: The answer to this question depends on what you want the room to accomplish.

Q: Do you want a place to enjoy the outdoors without the annoyance of bugs?

Q: Do you want to start with a screen room and eventually glass it in.


Q: Do you want a place to enjoy the outdoors without the annoyance of bugs?

A: If you want a nice place to sit and enjoy the outdoors without the bugs and you are concerned with cost, the Aluminum Screen Room is for you. It is relatively inexpensive and can be installed on almost any home in almost any configuration.

Q: Do you want to start with a screen room and eventually glass it in.

A: If you want to start with a Screen Room and eventually add glass you want to have a Deluxe Screen Room installed. The Deluxe Screen Room will be a significant Initial cost increase as opposed to the Aluminum Screen Room. The advantage to the Deluxe Screen Room is the fact that you can convert it to a glass room with very little effort or expense. A typical Deluxe Screen Room uses the Prefabricated Sunroom Wall System (Also Typically The Three Season Sunroom Wall) in conjunction with the Insulated Roof Panels (ISPs) or an Aluminum Screen Room with the Insulated Roof Panels. Converting the first option to a glass room simply involves installing the glass sashes. Converting the second option involves removing the screen walls and replacing them with a Sunroom Wall System. Obviously the second option is a little more expensive but by using the ISPs initially you do not have that expense during the conversion process. You can turn a basic Aluminum Screen Room into a Glass Sunroom but it involves removing the entire Screen Room and starting over.



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