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Composite Decking - Composite Decking is a term we use to describe any and all decking that is NOT Pressure Treated. There are a number of different product lines available and some of them are listed below. If you do not see a product listed that you are interested in please let us know. We have access to a wide variety of products and suppliers so we can probably find the product you want.

To help determine if a Composite Deck is right for you please check the Decking FAQ page for the major differences in the Decking Types or check below for more info.

As with our Pressure Treated Decks we build all of our Composite Decks to meet or exceed all required Knoxville Codes. A complete list of the code requirements can be obtained through the Knoxville Building Code Offices (City and County) or through us at the office.

Below is a list of different types of Composite Decking. As we stated above we use the term Composite to describe a wide range of non-pressure treated decking and railing. The list below is by no means complete and contains a few pictures as well as some of the more important features of the products. This is just a small sampling of what we have available. If you know of a product that is not listed here we can probably get it. All you have to do is ask and we will find it for you.


Vinyl Decking & Railing


Vinyl & Glass Hand Rail


Vinyl Deck & Rail Features:

Virtually Maintenance-Free

No Visible Fasteners

Mildew Resistant, Slip Resistant, Splinter Free, and Barefoot Friendly

Lifetime Warranty

Colors: White, Earthtone, Gray


Vinyl Deck Options:

Dream Deck 4000
Dream Deck


Hand Rail Options:

Traditional Cap
Ball Cap
Gothic Cap
New England Cap




Timbertech Decking


Vinyl Hand Rail & Timbertech Decking


Timbertech Deck & Rail Features:

Offer an array of decking profiles and color options to customize your living space

Timbertech offers a wide variety of accessories to finish the look of the deck

25 Year Limited Warranty


Timbertech Deck Options:

Floorizon Plank - VertiGrain
Floorizon Plank - Brushed
TwinFinish Plank


Earthwood Plank - Rosewood
Earthwood Plank - Teak
Earthwood Plank - Walnut


DockSider Plank - Cedar
DockSider Plank - Gray


Hand Rail Options:

Flat Top
Brushed Stainless
Copper Pyramid
Post Skirt



Other Available Composite Decking Options


Choice Decking


Eon Decking



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