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Pressure Treated Decks - A Pressure Treated Deck is the most cost effective way to add some additional usable space to your home. The ease of installation and the variety of options available make this the best way to start your project. Either for additional space in the sun or for a foundation to a Screen Room or Sunroom a Pressure Treated Deck is an excellent addition to your home.

To help determine if a Pressure Treated Deck is right for you please check the Decking FAQ page for the major differences in the Decking Types or check below for more info.



We build all of our decks to meet or exceed all required Knoxville Codes. A complete list of the code requirements can be obtained through the Knoxville Building Code Offices (City and County) or through us at the office.

Most of the decks we build are fairly straight forward with very little variation. We can however vary the design and installation to cater to our customers desires. A few of the Handrail Variations are listed below. Click on the pictures for a larger view.

Standard 2" x 2" Picket Railing


Standard 2" x 2" Picket Railing with a Gate


4" x 4" Post Rail - "Scates Rail"


Bench Rail


Angled Rail


2" x 2" Picket Railing with Design


There are also a number of different variations in the hand rail that have not been shown. Combinations of Pressure Treated Decking with Composite are also very common. Please contact one of our Sales Representatives for more information regarding deck options.



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